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Seductive Sedona

Sedona 2019 red rocksEnter the trance of exotic Sedona, Arizona.  A flight to Phoenix then a few hours drive, you will enter this fire-like magical wonderland.  A peaceful place, many come to meditate, hike, retreat, and heal.  There are magical powers we hear coming from the five area vortexes.  A many “psychics” call this place home too.  They must know something?  I really wanted to find out, but it will have to be a reading on another trip!

My husband just celebrated a “round” birthday.  So, we decided to take a nice vacation to a place we have never been.  So, Sedona here we came!  And, somewhere not like Vegas I might add!  It did not take us long to agree on Sedona, and the Hyatt Vacation Club Pinon Pointe was perfect for us and our sedona 2019 hyatt+1!  Located in the heart of the city, walkable to restaurants and attractions, we could not have landed in a better place.  Breakfast and Starbucks coffee at 7am, then a dip in the pool, then exploring the beautiful town and surroundings.  Not a bad view anywhere, including the gas station! Also, the property had an activities center which included ping pong, pool table, free internet, grilles, and a fire pit.

Since we have an 8-month old son, we knew this trip was more of a test than a full on eventful adventure.  We used our days to discover what we  can do in the future!  Hiking is definitely an attraction, including their “pink jeep” tours, helicopter tours, river rafting, etc. We very much enjoyed just driving our rental car anywhere and everywhere.  Popular sites include Maroon Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Coffee Pot Rock, Cathedral Rock, Snoopy Rock, and Bell Rock.

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Keto Kraze

Cooking keto and loving it!
Cooking keto and loving it!

Hello world, I have gone keto krazy!  It’s the new buzz word in the food diet industry that has received a lot of attention lately, because it works!  And, hopefully restaurants will catch on soon so dining out is not such a challenge.

So here’s the quick keto scoop. The ketogenic diet is a high fat, adequate protein, low carbohydrate diet that forces the body to burn fats rather than carbs. Normally carbs contained in food turn to glucose which is transported around the body which fuels brain function. However, if there are few carbs the liver converts fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies which in turn replace glucose as an energy source. The classic ketogenic diet was developed for treatment for paediatric epilepsy in the 1920’s, actually. Other therapeutic uses include treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, autism, brain cancer, Parkinson’s, and the list goes on.  PLEASE consult with a doctor.

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A Sky High Bruncheon Raises Funds For Cancer

Jill Bollich & Nicole Brende
Jill Bollich & Nicole Brende

Attending  a “ladies who brunch” function on a Sunday does not always come without a big purpose.  April 2nd at Hughes Manor in Houston there was a full house filled with ladies dressed in their spring fashion best coming together to raise their glass to help fight and end childhood cancer.  Hosted by Sky High benefiting St Jude Children’s Hospital, Texas Children’s Hospital, and the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis, you could not help share the love and enthusiasm this group brings to the table.  I applaud Brittany Hebert (Founder & CEO), Jessy Deardurff (Operations Director), and Kristina sky high fashionGutierrez (Event Coordinator) for a job well done.  Event Chairs include Helen Winchell, Ashley Butler, and Jordan Simpson.

Also, I want to thank my friend Jill Bollich who introduced me to this organization.  She is one of the Host committee members who did a phenomenal job planning this SOLD OUT event!  During the brunch the ladies were entertained with a dress up photo booth, silent auction, a live auction, as well as an open mimosa bar, tunes from my friend DJ Senega, and a runway

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Let’s RIDE!

ride cyclingThis year is well under way, and don’t let these oil prices put you in a slump!  How many of you have a resolution to get back in shape?  I think this is my recurring wish.  Anyway, always accepting to new ideas a friend of mine challenged me to join her for a spin class about a month ago. I loved it so much and now I am addicted (at least on Mondays).

Hillary, Kathryn, Will, Me, and Anna. What a crew!
Hillary, Kathryn, Will, Me, and Anna. What a crew!

There are spin studios all around Houston but the one I am enjoying is called RIDE off of 19th street in The Heights.  The instructor has an awesome playlist and I find myself dancing in my seat for the full 45 minutes!  Not to mention, the lighting changes as if I am at a night club….ok, I sometimes miss those days but sweating it off in a spin class is a much healthier option!  If you’ve been thinking about trying something new, I wanted to share with you my success.  I have since recruited 4 additional friends.  Perhaps I can fill up a class one day with all of my peeps?  What a ride that would be!  Admittedly, after class we go eat lunch, but it’s at Zoe’s Kitchen which offers calorie friendly options.

ride studio mapBack to RIDE.  Your first class is FREE including shoe rental.  Signing up is so easy, just do so on their website.  You also get to select your bike so you are guaranteed a spot. When you do try it out, bring a bottle of water or you can purchase one there. They also provide a locker for your belongings and a clean towel because you WILL SWEAT your tail off!

For more information on the studio and class schedule please go to or call 281-888-9772.  FYI, my Monday fix is at Noon with Will as the instructor.  He mixes things up so it is never a dull moment!  Remember, first class is FREE! No excuses now.  Feel free to let them know your friend Trende Brende sent you. As they say, RIDE ROCK REPEAT!