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“Champagne & Caftans”: An Engagement Soiree

lori_bridal_shower-7group-poolWords cannot express our enthusiasm for our bride-to-be Lori Lemon-Geshay!  She is a lovely lady inside and out and what a privilege to be her friend and be able to help her in celebrating her new chapter in life—marriage!  Our group could not wait to spoil her with all of the things she loves….friendship, bubbly, caftans, pool-side, hydrangeas, Parisian + Italian decor, the color blue, lemons too.  Stop the madness!

lori_bridal_shower-67-lori-eiffel-towerA few weeks ago Houston’s “Blonde Mafia” hosted Lori’s first engagement soiree at the Manhattan Lofts in the Galleria area.  Private room and poolside we sipped champagne, played, danced, and celebrated the gleaming bride.  A group effort from catering, to decor, flowers, sentimental touches, and good old fashioned game time…it was an epic evening full of fun and love for our dear friend.

The Girls:  Lori Lemon-Geshay, Lisa Bridle, Hollie Wells, Liliana Cuellar, Anna Kaplan, Marina Kaplan, Laura Cernock, Joanna Podsiadlik,  Melissa Back McAlpine, Lissa Goldsmith, and me…Nicole Brende!

lori_bridal_shower-53-saladHollie thank you for preparing your famous salad and other healthy and sumptuous goodies!  Liliana and Lisa the champagne kept flowing….a BIG thank you!  Marina and Anna those cupcakes were so cute and loved the gluten-free option!

My hubby and I whipped up lemon lori_bridal_shower-48-dessertchocolate and macchiato desserts for our Ms Lemon…soon to be Bergeron!

Laura the sentimental touches from the photo eiffel tower plus other goodies really set the scene.  Joanna the flowers were blooming with beauty. Melissa thank you for the yummy empanadas. Lissa the bridal game was so much fun!  Learned much more about our Lori!

lori_bridal_shower-104-ring-pop-kissesMore festivities to come!  This is only the beginning!!  As you can see we all adore our Lori Lemon-Geshay. Keep on sparkling up the room my friend! Bisou Bisou!


Sunnies + Stilettos @ Jimmy Choo

jimmy choo event 4.12.16The 2016 Heroes And Handbags event is just around the corner. Last year I served as the Handbag Co-Chair with my dear friend Anna Kaplan.  In order to help raise additional funds for the Heroes For Children organization this year my bestie and 2015 Event Chair Lori Lemon-Geshay hosted a private shopping event at the Jimmy Choo boutique in the Houston Galleria on April 12th.

Well, don’t ask us twice.  Did you say shoes, shades, and champagne all in the same sentence???  I do not think I shop that often and I am pretty selective.  However, if it benefits a charity I care about I will support the cause.  In between my meetings what a nice break to mix, mingle, and play dress up with friends and supporters.

jimmy choo sunglassesFrom the moment I walked in the store I was immediately drawn to these ‘Nita’s 53 mm sunnies. These logo-etched temples enhance the Italian-made sunglasses.  And, look at the genuine-snakeskin-covered frames with metal in an oh-so-modern cat-eye-inspired silhouette!  I am in love and they will be perfect for my trip to Mexico!

A little shout out to all who attended.  In just 2-hours we managed to create over $12,000 in sales which proceeds will directly benefit Heroes For Children.  Great job shoppers! Thanks for putting your best and I must say “fabulous” foot forward!  For more info on the organization visit www.heroesforchildren.org .


It’s Tea Time Ms. Trende

bridal tea whole groupI truly have the best group of friends. After my engagement announcement in January, the year of 2015 was ALL ABOUT THE PARTIES! One of them included a high tea at The St. Regis Hotel in Houston. I even had some friends fly in from Chicago and North Carolina! Thank you for making me feel so special my loves!

bridal tea bride to beI have written about tea time here before and I cannot express how special it is. From the service, to the harpist, to the amazing assortment of teas, finger sandwiches, and the scones, it is a true treat.

Although I adore my teas, champagne and mimosas are a definite festive must! My hostesses were so creative with the table arrangements too. All had to find their seat by viewing their childhood photo in a frame. It made for a wonderful conversational piece as well as a thoughtful take home memento.

bridal tea jan oliverI just have to reflect on one thing too. How cute is my hubby for showing up at the end of the event to not only greet my lovely friends , look very dapper in the process in his suit, but to be the only man in the room and help us ladies pack up the party?!?! My Jan-Oliver Schmidt is the ultimate gentleman.

So, the next time you want to do a lady-like party definitely keep the tearoom in mind. What Texas gal does not enjoy dressing up? The room is very intimate as in “small” so book your reservation weeks or even months in advance.  If you have a food allergy let the kitchen know too.  They were able to accommodate both of my bridal tea pinkies upgluten-free and vegan friends.

And yes, pinkies up too dahhlings and enjoy!

#Best Bridal Bruncheon Ever!

bridal brunch granducaOkay, sol I am taking you back to August of this year.  Sometimes I get a bit behind.  My friend Lori put together the most amazing bridal shower and I love her so much for it and that day in time deserves some Trende Brende attention!  If you have ever stepped foot into the Hotel Granduca in Houston then you will see why this place is worth raving about.  Naturally, it set the scene for the most perfect shower ever.  This Italian boutique hotel in Uptown offers an elegant experience like none other. Lori and I occasionally come here for our “girl time” for high tea during the week and happy hour on Thursdays.   We’ve even seen and met celebs here such as singer Steven Tyler and reality TV star Rob Kardashian for example.

bridal brunch the girlsBack to my party.  From the formal invitation, to the personalized gift bags including monogrammed candles, to the venue, to the food and flowing champagne; my friend really knows my style!  By the way, Hotel Granduca has the most savory Sunday brunch! Who knew?  Stations included the meats, the cheeses, omelets, and desserts.  What got us most excited was the fried chicken and waffles, the grilled cheese with bacon, peanut butter and jelly, and the sushi and oyster bar!! WOW! I should just go ahead and book my standing reservation for every Sunday I am in town for the rest of my life! For more information on their brunch, the hotel, and events check out their website www.granducahouston.com.

Us & Them.. who is cuter? LOL!
Us & Them.. who is cuter? LOL!

I just have to say, the party was so sweet including my wonderful parents, my sister, and a selection of dear friends. We laughed, nibbled, sipped, shared stories, and opened gifts.  What an intimate day that I did not want to end.

Our boys met for the first time too.  Looks like they will get along just fine. LOL! Hey, it’s important.  Thank you again to Lori for hosting such a flawless and meaningful shower. Jan and I are truly humbled by your generosity and love.

"The JaNic"
“The JaNic”

Before I go, have I mentioned that I have definitely found my prince and knight in shining armor??!! 🙂  I am the happiest girl ever!  It is the best feeling to love and to be loved.  I am marrying the smartest, kindest, honest, caring, and most handsome man in my entire life.  God Bless #TheJanic and our amazing future ahead!  For our love story we’ve put together a short video https://youtu.be/TL0se2PqxzM.  Yes we are goofballs!

Photo Credit: Angelique Cook Photography

Bienvenue Hermes!

Selfies, shopping, and balancing acts with my girls Lori Geshay and Jennifer Roosth!
Selfies, shopping, and balancing acts with my girls Lori Geshay and Jennifer Roosth!

If you want to see grown women act like giggling girls then you would have had a good laugh last night.  My bestie Lori Lemon-Geshay invited me to the exclusive “Le Petite Marche” grand soiree hosted by Hermes in the new River Oaks District.

Although the boutique does not officially open until October 30th, WOW do they know how to throw a party! Just like Paris the lit courtyard was lined with market-style  vendors such as fine meats, breads, fresh produce, chocolates, wine, and flowers.  The champagne was flowing and we were loving it!  All of us guests were given Hermes tote bags and were encouraged to indulge, sip, and savor.  Ohh la la! The stylish guests were also entertained with hermes3live music, acrobats, and artists.  For a minute I really had to stop and think where I was because Houston has never felt so good!  The weather is also amazing this time of year too I must add.  We walked away feeling very fulfilled, inspired, and with a trip to France on our minds!

For the ultimate luxurious outdoor experience that Houston has to offer The River Oaks District is THE PLACE to be! Alongside Hermes brings Cartier, Dior, Tom Ford, Harry Winston…just to name a few.  A movie theater, restaurants, and the trendy Equinox gym will also call this place home.  Step aside Beverly Hills and New York, Houston is a mega market and our international flavor is H-O-T!!!

hermes2Lori, thank you for being such a good client at Hermes.  All of the bracelets, scarves, and pocket squares I bought in the last year did not add up to getting on the invite list!  Please keep the party invitations coming my good shopping friend with amazing taste.  I am saying YES now to the next event 🙂  Wink Wink.

2015 Heroes And Handbags

Selfies w/ my friends Lori Lemon-Geshay, Laura Cernock, and Laura Murray
Selfies w/ my friends Lori Lemon-Geshay, Laura Cernock, and Laura Murray

Sipping champagne, shopping, and mingling….all for a great cause! Count me in!  May 7th at the Omni Hotel over $250,000 was raised to benefit Heroes For Children.  A sold out event the 2015 Heroes And Handbags bruncheon is their signature event and the money helps families with children battling cancer.  In it’s 10th year it was very exciting for me to be the Handbag Co-Chair along with my friend Anna Kaplan.  Event Chair and my BFF Lori Lemon-Geshay lead the team and Host Committee and WOW does she deserve a standing ovation! Founder Larissa Linton showed a tear when the final numbers came in! The largest fundraiser for the organization in Houston to date! Way to go!


If you have never attended this event before please add it to your list for 2016.  Imagine a room full of 150+ new and “gently loved” designer handbags and all are up for bid! Since 100% of the bags are donated, 100% of the sale of the bags go directly to the charity.  From paying a utility bill, to rent, to transportation, and many other needs, Heroes For Children is able to help thousands of families every year with your help. The digital bidding process in itself was super exciting.  Basically you are able to place your bid via your smart phone.  Each time you get out bid they text you a notice.  You can place a new bid and even offer a cap bid amount. Anna Kaplan and I did a television segment on KPRC Channel 2. Here is video link and it will show you some of this year’s handbag collection including Chanel, Dior, Gucci, and other amazing designers! I’m already thinking about next year’s event and what selection that one will bring? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u18bLhIsny0

Congrats Claire Harmon!
Congrats Claire Harmon!

As you can see I won the Versace bag! The Winner sign sure got me jumping out of my chair! My friend Claire really took home the cake scoring 5 handbags!

A special thank you to the event Sponsors including Elaine Turner, Kendra Scott, Paper City, CultureMap, Momentum Porsche, A Bientot, Tanglewood Flowers & Garden, and What’s The Occassion Creative Cakery. Also a job well done by  the Chairs and Host Committee members, the Donors, and Patrons who bought tables and $250 tickets to the event. The success of this event is an example of the very generous with a big heart of a city of Houston we call home.  If you would like more information on the heroes and handbags signcharity and ways you can help all year long visit www.heroesforchildren.org  or you can find them on Facebook! Event photos coming soon by photographers Herb Hochman, Jaime Lagdameo, and Quy Tran so please check social media, Paper City, and CultureMap.




It’s Tea Time!

Laura, Lori, Nicole, Mallika, Angela
Laura, Lori, Nicole, Mallika, Angela

I adore to luncheon with the ladies but a spot of tea is even more refined! Wouldn’t you agree, dahling? In honor of my friend Lori’s birthday we decided to treat her to a lovely afternoon tea at The St. Regis hotel.  Our friend just got back from London so this theme played perfectly well too!

You see, Afternoon Tea is a time-honored tradition at The St. Regis Houston. At the intimate Tea Lounge surround yourself in elegance where butler-style service and a traditional menu of petit-fours, tea sandwiches, scones, and Devonshire cream await those who appreciate the finer things in life.  I admit, we do appreciate the finer things in life (thanks Mom). Adding to the ambiance a harpist performs while guests savor the special St. Regis Tea Blend, just one of a large selection of premium loose leaf teas offered.   As a special request, we made sure to have a bottle of Veuve Clicquot waiting for us at the table upon arrival. We also created personalized name cards for each guest at our table.

st regis all picSince the theme of the occasion was our friend’s birthday, we decorated the table with some fresh florals.  And for table talk fun we created a game full of “British-isms”.  We drew phrases out of our decorated vase and had to guess what each one meant.  It kept us laughing for hours.  Those crazy Brits, no matter what they say it sounds so bloody fabulous! For example here are some of our favorites: Tosser, Wanker, Lost the Plot, Bee’s Knees, Wonky, Dog’s Bollocks, Arse-over-tit, Easy Peasy, and Strawberry Creams! LOL look em up!

Another nice touch is the box of macaroons they give you to take home.  It would be quite uncivilized to make us go home empty handed, right?  I really appreciated the free valet service too.

st regis dessertReservations are definitely required my friends.  In fact, we were on a waiting list and got lucky due to a cancellation. The Tea Lounge fills up fast and it’s only open Friday through Sunday from 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.  The dress code is business casual; however we went on a Sunday so we went for the flirty dress and signature hat theme.  For more details and to book your special reservation at the St Regis Houston call 713-403-2631.



Laura Cernock, Lori Lemon Geshay, Nicole Brende...a.k.a. the "Blonde Mafia"
Laura Cernock, Lori Lemon Geshay, Nicole Brende…a.k.a. the “Blonde Mafia”









Sunshine, Shades, Selfies and a Tennis Tourney!

Laura, Lori Lemon Geshay, Nicole Brende, Lori Freese
Laura, Lori Lemon Geshay, Nicole Brende, Lori Freese

Sunshine, shades, selfies, and a tennis tourney!  For the past two days I had the pleasure to attend the U.S. Men’s Clay Court Championship at the River Oaks Country Club here in Houston.  Admittedly, I did not see much tennis as I was socializing amongst the fabulous patrons.

Ladies were all dolled up in their dresses, big hats, and spring colors.  The Gents looked ever so handsome in their suits and boasting their summer hues too.   All day and to the night there was plenty of activity.  From fashion shows, luncheons, live bands, to tented areas catered by Beck’s Prime and cocktails galore, photo booths, and outdoor TVs, it was quite the set up!

Enjoy schmoozing? This is the perfect event to take a client by the way.  It’s on my list every year! Oh, and no worries if you parked a mile away from the club. PediCabs or bike taxis are at your service, and so much fun too!

Nicole Brende & Kara Schwartz
Nicole Brende & Kara Schwartz
Laura Cernock, Lori Lemon Geshay, Nicole Brende
Laura Cernock, Lori Lemon Geshay, Nicole Brende

tennis tourney board

Lemon & Trende pedicab selfie!
Lemon & Trende pedicab selfie!
Bryan/Bryan vs. Guccione/Hewitt photo by Lori Lemon Geshay
Bryan/Bryan vs. Guccione/Hewitt
photo by Lori Lemon Geshay


The De Gaulle Grand Opening Soiree

the de gaulle openingMy friends and I only drink champagne and wine, for the most part.  Finally, Houston has figured this out and is accommodating our champagne wishes!  New to the Washington Ave. entertainment corridor is The De Gaulle, next to Hughe’s Hangar.  This is H-town’s first official champagne house and home to over 50 types of champagne.  This town just got a bit more bubbly and I like it! Saturday, March 29th I attended the VIP grand opening reception .  Thank you for the invitation Ms. Lori-Lemon Geshay! The theme was midnight in Paris! Ok, I thought it was spring time in Paris hence my floral Alice + Olivia pants, but I won’t worry too much about it.  I had a wonderful time with my lovely friends and my handsome man!

the de gaulle event crowdThe venue took me back to Paris, drinks were flowing, the DJ had us dancing, and fashionable eye candy everywhere.  Tres chic crowd! I love my Veuve, Dom, and Moet, but a taste of Perrier-Jouet Nuit Blanche had me at HELLO! They had a champagne tasting bar set up and I learned very quickly, the smaller the flute, the more expensive the taste!

the de gaulle piere blanchThe evening would not officially go down in style without its charitable efforts.  A suggested $20 donation at the door helped support the Pink Door nonprofit.  Well, I am looking forward to more nights  at my new favorite place.  Chin chin!

Jan-Oliver Schmidt and Nicole Brende
Jan-Oliver Schmidt and Nicole Brende

Host Committee Members in the crowd included Cortney Cole Hall, Jared Lang, Kim Padgett, Lori Lemon Geshay, Lisa Gochman, Mark Sullivan, Tiffany Halik, just to name a few.




Caught In An Oil Spill

Ladies aboard the Sea Tejas yacht
Ladies aboard the Sea Tejas yacht

I love boating and what better way to entertain your clients and friends than on a gorgeous 40 foot motor yacht!  March 22, 2014 I took 12 of my gals on an outing from Clear Lake to Galveston aboard the “Sea Tejas”.  Our Captain and 1st mate took command of the waters while the rest of us enjoyed cocktails and lite bites.  It was a foggy day causing us to take our time.  What would have been a 1.5 hour trip took us 3 hours!  Along the way dolphins entertained us with their jumps and tricks. Who would guess in the brown murky Houston Ship Channel dolphins would call it home?  Well, just three miles out of Galveston is when the real attraction hit….literally!  Around 11:30 am (the news incorrectly reporting 12:35) an oil barge carrying over 900,000 gallons of oil was struck by the motor vessel Miss Susan.  Miss Susan was transiting from Texas City to Bolivar at the time of the collision.  I must say we were all in shock.  We witnessed the thick oil in the waters; in fact we motored through it and the smell was very potent.

sea tejas march 2014 sinking oil bargeWe were eyewitness to the sinking barge. In fact, here is a video I took from my I-Phone which was broadcasted all over the CBS news stations in Texas.  Yep, my two seconds of fame! :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xGdGFD9w9U

We ended up docking at Willie G’s in Galveston and had a nice lunch.  The Coast Guard announced the closure of the ship channel so we were not able to come back via boat.  The boat to this day is still docked in Galveston. I won’t even discuss the financial impact on my pocket book for this diversion.  But, we were able to get back to Lakewood Yacht Club safely via cars.  This was definitely a trip to go down in history.  I am saddened by the accident for the sea animals.  I hope we can get the wildlife protected and clean up their homeland soon.

On Board: Annette Amaya, Anna Kaplan, Laura Cernock, Marina Kaplan, Laurie-Leigh White, Jan Vitenas, Colleen Nichols, Liliana Cuellar, Jennifer Gravenor, Nicole Brende, Lisa Bridle, and Lori-Lemon Geshay.