Bienvenue Hermes!

Selfies, shopping, and balancing acts with my girls Lori Geshay and Jennifer Roosth!
Selfies, shopping, and balancing acts with my girls Lori Geshay and Jennifer Roosth!

If you want to see grown women act like giggling girls then you would have had a good laugh last night.  My bestie Lori Lemon-Geshay invited me to the exclusive “Le Petite Marche” grand soiree hosted by Hermes in the new River Oaks District.

Although the boutique does not officially open until October 30th, WOW do they know how to throw a party! Just like Paris the lit courtyard was lined with market-style  vendors such as fine meats, breads, fresh produce, chocolates, wine, and flowers.  The champagne was flowing and we were loving it!  All of us guests were given Hermes tote bags and were encouraged to indulge, sip, and savor.  Ohh la la! The stylish guests were also entertained with hermes3live music, acrobats, and artists.  For a minute I really had to stop and think where I was because Houston has never felt so good!  The weather is also amazing this time of year too I must add.  We walked away feeling very fulfilled, inspired, and with a trip to France on our minds!

For the ultimate luxurious outdoor experience that Houston has to offer The River Oaks District is THE PLACE to be! Alongside Hermes brings Cartier, Dior, Tom Ford, Harry Winston…just to name a few.  A movie theater, restaurants, and the trendy Equinox gym will also call this place home.  Step aside Beverly Hills and New York, Houston is a mega market and our international flavor is H-O-T!!!

hermes2Lori, thank you for being such a good client at Hermes.  All of the bracelets, scarves, and pocket squares I bought in the last year did not add up to getting on the invite list!  Please keep the party invitations coming my good shopping friend with amazing taste.  I am saying YES now to the next event 🙂  Wink Wink.

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