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Ladies & Lace Bridal Brunch

"Blooming Brides" Lori Geshay & Hollie Wells
“Blooming Brides” Lori Geshay & Hollie Wells

Two Brides = Double the FUN!  February 26th seaside in Galveston I had the pleasure to host a brunch & lingerie shower for blooming brides Lori Geshay & Hollie Wells.  The future Mrs Bergeron & Mrs Dorsett were glowing of course surrounded by their besties  for champagne, dining and sweets.  What better venue to treasure these dolls than at the “Queen of the Gulf” known as the Hotel Galvez.  A member of the Historic Hotels of America, Hotel Galvez is a four-star AAA property.

I am not a “crafty” person mainly due to time constraints, however I  was motivated with this occasion and spent A LOT of time on Pintrest.  Let’s just talk decor for a minute!  Going with the lingerie theme I baked heart-shaped butter cookies and

"Trende Brende" the Hostess and future Martha Stewart...LOL
“Trende Brende” the Hostess and future Martha Stewart…LOL

decorated them into cute lingerie and/or bathing suits.  Since this was my first attempt the designs were manageable but aren’t they so cute???  I felt like a fashion designer…watch out Victoria’s Secret!  Next, what is an event without champagne in my group!? So, I took mini bottles, dipped them in gold glitter, and added cute pink ruffle bows w/ a pink/white straw.  I did a similar idea for my wedding favours but the glitter took it to a whole new level!  Pink was my colour choice as it’s feminine, fun, and perfect for Spring.  Also on the table were  ring lotto scratch-offs….and a fun prize included of course for the winner!  Fresh floral arrangements for the brides to take home.  Fun glasses, veils, hats to play with.  Last, Mardi Gras beads for everyone!  Yes, this party happened to fall on Mardi Gras….which made it even more festive.  A good way to “mark your champagne glass” is to tie your beads around the bottom of the flute. The stem.  Choose or “claim” your colour and no confusion there!

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Caught In An Oil Spill

Ladies aboard the Sea Tejas yacht
Ladies aboard the Sea Tejas yacht

I love boating and what better way to entertain your clients and friends than on a gorgeous 40 foot motor yacht!  March 22, 2014 I took 12 of my gals on an outing from Clear Lake to Galveston aboard the “Sea Tejas”.  Our Captain and 1st mate took command of the waters while the rest of us enjoyed cocktails and lite bites.  It was a foggy day causing us to take our time.  What would have been a 1.5 hour trip took us 3 hours!  Along the way dolphins entertained us with their jumps and tricks. Who would guess in the brown murky Houston Ship Channel dolphins would call it home?  Well, just three miles out of Galveston is when the real attraction hit….literally!  Around 11:30 am (the news incorrectly reporting 12:35) an oil barge carrying over 900,000 gallons of oil was struck by the motor vessel Miss Susan.  Miss Susan was transiting from Texas City to Bolivar at the time of the collision.  I must say we were all in shock.  We witnessed the thick oil in the waters; in fact we motored through it and the smell was very potent.

sea tejas march 2014 sinking oil bargeWe were eyewitness to the sinking barge. In fact, here is a video I took from my I-Phone which was broadcasted all over the CBS news stations in Texas.  Yep, my two seconds of fame! :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xGdGFD9w9U

We ended up docking at Willie G’s in Galveston and had a nice lunch.  The Coast Guard announced the closure of the ship channel so we were not able to come back via boat.  The boat to this day is still docked in Galveston. I won’t even discuss the financial impact on my pocket book for this diversion.  But, we were able to get back to Lakewood Yacht Club safely via cars.  This was definitely a trip to go down in history.  I am saddened by the accident for the sea animals.  I hope we can get the wildlife protected and clean up their homeland soon.

On Board: Annette Amaya, Anna Kaplan, Laura Cernock, Marina Kaplan, Laurie-Leigh White, Jan Vitenas, Colleen Nichols, Liliana Cuellar, Jennifer Gravenor, Nicole Brende, Lisa Bridle, and Lori-Lemon Geshay.