Ladies & Lace Bridal Brunch

"Blooming Brides" Lori Geshay & Hollie Wells
“Blooming Brides” Lori Geshay & Hollie Wells

Two Brides = Double the FUN!  February 26th seaside in Galveston I had the pleasure to host a brunch & lingerie shower for blooming brides Lori Geshay & Hollie Wells.  The future Mrs Bergeron & Mrs Dorsett were glowing of course surrounded by their besties  for champagne, dining and sweets.  What better venue to treasure these dolls than at the “Queen of the Gulf” known as the Hotel Galvez.  A member of the Historic Hotels of America, Hotel Galvez is a four-star AAA property.

I am not a “crafty” person mainly due to time constraints, however I  was motivated with this occasion and spent A LOT of time on Pintrest.  Let’s just talk decor for a minute!  Going with the lingerie theme I baked heart-shaped butter cookies and

"Trende Brende" the Hostess and future Martha Stewart...LOL
“Trende Brende” the Hostess and future Martha Stewart…LOL

decorated them into cute lingerie and/or bathing suits.  Since this was my first attempt the designs were manageable but aren’t they so cute???  I felt like a fashion designer…watch out Victoria’s Secret!  Next, what is an event without champagne in my group!? So, I took mini bottles, dipped them in gold glitter, and added cute pink ruffle bows w/ a pink/white straw.  I did a similar idea for my wedding favours but the glitter took it to a whole new level!  Pink was my colour choice as it’s feminine, fun, and perfect for Spring.  Also on the table were  ring lotto scratch-offs….and a fun prize included of course for the winner!  Fresh floral arrangements for the brides to take home.  Fun glasses, veils, hats to play with.  Last, Mardi Gras beads for everyone!  Yes, this party happened to fall on Mardi Gras….which made it even more festive.  A good way to “mark your champagne glass” is to tie your beads around the bottom of the flute. The stem.  Choose or “claim” your colour and no confusion there!

"Brunch, bubbles, & lingerie" oh my!
“Brunch, bubbles, & lingerie” oh my!

Let’s talk food for a minute too.  I am mad at myself for not taking photos of the buffet.  They had a raw bar with shrimp, oysters, king crab.  Then there was the meat station. There was an omelette / egg station, waffles, pancakes, all the fixin’s and sides you can imagine.  Then the dessert!!  Seriously, they had cakes, pies, macaroons, petis fours, ice cream, chocolate.  It was sumptuous.

The double shower was an overall success.  Such wonderful friends we have and the weather turned out perfect too. The Hotel Galvez staff is so friendly and honestly the spirit of the room and the hotel guests is very inviting too.  People are so friendly in Galveston!

In the crowd:  Lori Geshay, Hollie Wells, Diane Caplan, Jennifer Pinkerton, Jennifer Jordan, Lana Herf, Tricia Verbois, Anna Kaplan, Marina Kaplan, Joanna Podsiadlik, Kristin Massey, Laura Cernock, Lissa Goldsmith, and Nicole Brende.




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