It’s Tea Time!

Laura, Lori, Nicole, Mallika, Angela
Laura, Lori, Nicole, Mallika, Angela

I adore to luncheon with the ladies but a spot of tea is even more refined! Wouldn’t you agree, dahling? In honor of my friend Lori’s birthday we decided to treat her to a lovely afternoon tea at The St. Regis hotel.  Our friend just got back from London so this theme played perfectly well too!

You see, Afternoon Tea is a time-honored tradition at The St. Regis Houston. At the intimate Tea Lounge surround yourself in elegance where butler-style service and a traditional menu of petit-fours, tea sandwiches, scones, and Devonshire cream await those who appreciate the finer things in life.  I admit, we do appreciate the finer things in life (thanks Mom). Adding to the ambiance a harpist performs while guests savor the special St. Regis Tea Blend, just one of a large selection of premium loose leaf teas offered.   As a special request, we made sure to have a bottle of Veuve Clicquot waiting for us at the table upon arrival. We also created personalized name cards for each guest at our table.

st regis all picSince the theme of the occasion was our friend’s birthday, we decorated the table with some fresh florals.  And for table talk fun we created a game full of “British-isms”.  We drew phrases out of our decorated vase and had to guess what each one meant.  It kept us laughing for hours.  Those crazy Brits, no matter what they say it sounds so bloody fabulous! For example here are some of our favorites: Tosser, Wanker, Lost the Plot, Bee’s Knees, Wonky, Dog’s Bollocks, Arse-over-tit, Easy Peasy, and Strawberry Creams! LOL look em up!

Another nice touch is the box of macaroons they give you to take home.  It would be quite uncivilized to make us go home empty handed, right?  I really appreciated the free valet service too.

st regis dessertReservations are definitely required my friends.  In fact, we were on a waiting list and got lucky due to a cancellation. The Tea Lounge fills up fast and it’s only open Friday through Sunday from 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.  The dress code is business casual; however we went on a Sunday so we went for the flirty dress and signature hat theme.  For more details and to book your special reservation at the St Regis Houston call 713-403-2631.



Laura Cernock, Lori Lemon Geshay, Nicole Brende...a.k.a. the "Blonde Mafia"
Laura Cernock, Lori Lemon Geshay, Nicole Brende…a.k.a. the “Blonde Mafia”









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