Forty, Fabulous, and Preggars!

"Baby Schnitzel On Board"!!!
“Baby Schnitzel On Board”!!!

There are many milestones in our lives, in my case, I had to combine two at once!  I recently hosted my 40th Birthday party with my besties, but what they did not know is that I was 15 weeks pregnant! A very hard secret to keep when my social life involves champagne!  Not to mention, hiding a 3-month baby bump!

Pink and blue was my color scheme and a spring patio setting was important to me.  The perfect venue for a Sunday afternoon was A’Bouzy….a champagne bar and restaurant in the oh-so-fancy River Oaks neighborhood! My spread included fresh floral arrangements, charcuterie board and lite bites, Sprinkles mini cupcakes

"Blonde Mafia"
“Blonde Mafia”

(some gluten free), and flowing champagne!  I wanted my guests to be bubbled up with sugar and sweets for our very special announcement!

I got married at 37-years old, so having a “Baby Schnitzel” as we are calling our little bundle, is truly a blessing!  Honestly, the thought of being a mother grew with me in time.  When I was in my 20’s-early 30’s, I just wanted to work hard and play hard!  Today, I still enjoy of that but my priorities have shifted.  I love being married and motherhood is my next natural progression.  I cannot wait!!!

"Viking Mommy Trio"
“Viking Mommy Trio”

Even more fun, I have friends that are preggars too!  I am calling us the “Viking Mommy Trio” because they are from Denmark and my family lineage is Norwegian & Swedish!  It is so comforting that I have close friends in my same shoes to experience this very exciting time in our lives together.

Since my husband and I are riding this very adventurous wave, all of our announcements are BIG!  Gender reveal comes later my friends!


Venue:  A’Bouzy at 2300 Westheimer Road

My Dress:  Lily Pulitzer at 4035 Westheimer Road

Flowers: Central Market at 3815 Westheimer Road

Cupcakes: Sprinkles Cupcakes at 4014 Westheimer Road

Balloons/Signs:  Arne’s Warehouse at 2830 Hicks Street

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