Galante Wine Gang

galanteOur trip to Carmel By The Sea would certainly not be complete unless we did some wine tasting! California does produce some of my favorite wines.  I was born in CA so perhaps their grapes are in my bloodline? LOL.

There are wine rooms on every block in this town.  We took a stroll into the Galante Vineyards tasting room.  There was a good social echo coming out of their propped open door.  It sounded inviting, so we literally followed the vibe thinking, we’ll just pop in for a minute.  Well, that minute lasted more than an hour and before we knew it, we tasted all kinds of wines from their extensive library, nibbling on cheese and snacks, chatting up the locals, and hanging out with wine guru Jack Galante himself! His family is some of the original founders of Carmel.  They have a deep history here and it was fun to hear his stories.  Did you know that a woman’s high heels is banned in this town?  A funny local law that is still in place but not enforced.  LOL!  Ok, back to the wine.   Our tasting only cost $30 by the way.  Not a bad deal at all!

galante wineryBack here in Houston you may have heard of Galante Vineyards. They are gold medal winners in the Houston Livestock & Rodeo wine competition.  I noticed the medal immediately when I glanced at a display shelf full of bottles wearing the shining Medal of Honor! Their philosophy is simple: grow the finest grapes and let the fruit express itself in the wine.

When you get a chance to visit the town of Carmel, be sure to pop by their tasting room located on Delores Street between Ocean  Ave & 7th Street.  You won’t find their wines sold at Spec’s either so check out their website  I may have joined their wine club too…tee tee! Actually it’s not a club, it’s a gang!  Consider me one of their newest outlaw recruits!  They  have different levels and perks including discounts on their wine, priority access to their events, private tours at their ranch where they grow the grapes & make the wine, and they even  have a studio apartment you can rent in town for a discount!  Salud!

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