Showering Baby Schnitzel!

baby schnitzel CA shower 3My husband and I are very excited to announce that we are having a baby!  After much anticipation “Baby Schnitzel” as we like to call him is due in October of this year.   A lot of love will be surrounding our little guy as he enters this world.  Just recently, our two families joined forces – The Brende’s & The Schmidt’s – in Los Angeles, California for the ultimate couple’s baby shower!  Not without a spectacular sunny day to go along with the picturesque view, the event took place above the Hollywood Hills at my Uncle’s abode.  The same home of the annual Brende Easter Egg & Beer Hunt, in fact.

baby schnitzel CA shower 1There were so many personal touches that we loved, including the Welcome Baby Schnitzel sign, the ABC animal cake, and the caterers even had some fun with the food as you can see.  A fruit basket baby carriage with one happy baby inside!  Too cute!!!  I absolutely loved the party favors such as the M&M’s, It’s A Boy cigar gum packs, fun balloons, and flowers galore!!!

We enjoyed games such as Baby Word Scramble, Guess Who Said What Questionnaire,  Baby Advice Cards, and of course prizes galore.  My childhood bestie Susan Ye was the big winner of ALL of the games.  I guess she knows me better than anyone!  Ha ha!  Prizes in our family always seem  to be food or alcohol related!  Susan taking home some good wine and my sister-in-law Mary Schmidt took home some quality flavored olive oil.

baby schnitzel CA shower 2Family is everything and our families certainly expressed their love to us and our little guy on the way over the weekend.  We feel so lucky to call ourselves Mom & Dad – very soon -and pass on the same love and traditions  we’ve grown to cherish throughout the years.  Baby Schnitzel, we can’t wait to meet you!!!


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