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Fall Trends + Fun Friends + Flirty Cocktails!

nm fashion groupIt pays to take frequent trips to the Chanel counter.  Our rep Candy at Neiman Marcus informed me and my fun “Blonde Mafia” BFF’s that there was a Fall Trends fashion event coming up.  We were able to get front row seats and enjoy a great show and sipping on some champagne, nonetheless!  Wednesday, August 14, 2014 we met on the second level where it was full of fashionable and fun people.  All smiles and mingling prior to the show.  Lots of selfies on the runway and passed hors d’oeuvres to keep us all from being famished.  Let’s face it, when you are around models the last thing on my mind is eating! LOL.  But turning down a flute of bubbly would just be “out of style” or out of “my style” at least.

nm fashion1New designer to the Neiman’s world and in Houston, TX for that matter is Peter Roth.  He started off the one-hour show and announced some of his new fashions including very powerful, colorful shirts with embellished cuffs and tunics with some subtle sequin undertones.

On Trend—-think “Global Chic”.  I think it would be really hard to break fashion rules right now.  The edgy thing to do is to mix everything!  They pulled it off on the catwalk.  Not so sure how the rest of us will do,  but I will attempt to try.  Boho chic, statement necklaces, cammo, mixing of animal prints (from head to toe), knits, and green being the theme! Bootie shoes are a definite hit too.   Models showed off some beautiful burgundy’s and grays.  I was really obsessing over the shoes I think.

Ok, I am excited for the Fall now.  Time to pull out my jewel tones, boots, furs, jackets, hats….I could go on and on.  Mother Nature please bring me some beautiful Fall weather I am ready.!nm fashion3

nm fashion2






LLG & Me sitting front and center for the show!
LLG & Me sitting front and center for the show!