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The Doors Of Spain

spain doors2I recently traveled to Spain for a friend’s wedding. A trip of a lifetime and a fairytale place to say “I Do”. During my stay I explored the historic cities of Granada, Ronda, and Malaga. Besides the romanticism this wonderful part of the Mediterranean offered, naturally I was drawn to the beauty of the historic buildings, the architecture, cathedrals, the narrow streets, art, food and the culture. Easily distracted with tapas and sangria, nothing could take away the ancient yet modern environment as I was taking it all in.

spain doorsAs silly as it may sound, I could not help myself stop taking endless photos of doors!  Yes, in this populated yet compact environment I was immediately attached to the authentic, large, powerful, unique and individual statement doors each home and business distinctively offered.  As I am no expert, I would love to know the story and the history behind each one.  From the knockers to the knobs, to the bolts, color, wood type, curves, size, etc…. ALL have something to teach and a craftsman to compliment.  From 17th century to today they are a work of art in my eyes.  Doors here do not symbolize closure or a message to “keep out”.  To me they are an invitation to something wonderful inside and it stimulates my imagination.

Nicole Brende exploring the streets of Ronda, Spain
Nicole Brende exploring the streets of Ronda, Spain

This is such inspiration to take home and it makes me rethink what door resembles my personality?  Who am I and what door fits me?  When I build my next home “doors” will be very important to me more than ever.    No replica will do now that I’ve seen the real deal.  As I drove the Spanish countryside I was thrilled to see antique shops with doors, windows, etc.  There is much to “re-purpose”.  Oh Spain, mark my word I will be back and I will conquer and claim my dream door.  Thanks Spain, you just increased my budget!  Las puertas authenticas son muy expensivas!!!