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Safari Time Texas Style!


"The JaNic" and their furry friends!
“The JaNic” and their furry friends!

It is a dream of mine to travel to Africa and to go on an exotic safari adventure.  Until then, I love to explore Texas because it is convenient!  Recently my fiancé and I went to San Antonio to meet our wedding officiant.  All is good in that department! With our extra time in the day we thought why not check out the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch located between San Antonio and New Braunfels! Okay, the both of us love animals and I personally love zebras (and penguins for that matter).  Well, this place allows us to drive though a natural park and feed wild animals and from our vehicle and in their natural setting nonetheless!  How cool!! Just roll down the window and go!

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch has taken to heart the care of animals from all over the world for over 30 years. With over 400-acres of pristine, natural, protected, environment, animal populations continue to thrive. Get your explorer hat on because you will find giraffe, zebra, rhino, camel, ostrich, elk, and numerous more exotics!  One part education, one part preservation; this is the place to mix it up for a day full of fun and adventure.  It’s very family friendly too! I can’t wait to take my nephew and niece!

wildlife3Come hungry too because on the premises is the Safari Camp Grill.  Dive into juicy burgers with peppered fries, cheese nachos, chicken salad sandwiches, and finish off with some ice cream or Zebra a la mode!

Let the shopper in you get the goods and gifts at the Safari Trading Post.

For some up close laughs enjoy the Petting Barnyard with the African Pygmy Goats. Or make your way over to Lemur Island, the habitat of the Ring-tailed Lemur’s native home of Madagascar. Peacocks, Peahens and their offspring roam freely.  They know their beauty, and will pose for photos.

wildlife2We had such a wonderful adventure petting zebra and deer. Their whiskers were soft, the animals were so approachable, and it’s an activity that puts a smile on anyone’s face. Okay seriously, now that I’ve pet a zebra I have major bragging rights!

For more information on The Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch check them out at www.wildliferanchtexas.com or call 830-438-7400. Annual passes are available or general tickets range from $10-19.  It’s a WILD experience you WON’T want to miss!