A Small Dose Of Joy Can Go A Long Way

099There are highs and lows in our days and in our lives.  Sometimes we just need a little dose of happiness to get us through it.  Well, I might just have the medication you need and no medical doctor prescription is required.

New to the internet shelves is a fun concept called JoyLab. This recently launched company founded  by  a fellow Houstonian Daniel Knez offers products to make your friends and family smile, yet offering a much more global sense of happiness.  JoyLab is a bottle of sugar candy pleasure curing such symptoms as a “bad hair day”, “love intoxication”, or “Sundays without football”. For every relief bottle sold JoyLab will provide school supplies for children in need around the world including the U.S. for a better education.  One out of five children cannot afford supplies which leads to a bad quality of education.

100JoyLab offers custom designs for most occasions, events, and corporate bottle design. What an unique and savory way to make someone feel special and provide the perfect cure to those ridiculous struggles in life.  This one shown is a prescription for a bad hair day. Compositions include tickles, cuddles, snuggles, giggles, kisses, etc.  Also, Dr. Joy recommends a regular dose to maintain happiness. Always remember who gave you this bottle too!

What a sweet gift concept!  I love supporting fellow entrepreneurs in Texas.  Plus, each bottle of “smiles” can really make a difference in someone’s day in a positive way.  To find out more about JoyLab view their site at www.JoyLab.co or you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Tell them “Trende Brende” sent you!

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