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Steak 48 Is Now Open!

steak 48 heart2-4-6 -8  Who do we appreciate?  Steak 48! Steak 48!

Consider me a cheerleader when it comes to The River Oaks District here in Houston.  From shopping, to dining, and entertainment, they house all things luxury.  Today, June 14th welcomes the newest restaurant addition to their pallet called Steak 48.  It is officially now open to the public!

I had the privilege to dine there last night  for a “soft opening”.  The venue is so chic offering a warm yet modern feel.  This 13,700 square foot venue offers unique dining room vignettes, a massive bar area including TV’s for those sports fans, a raw seafood bar, and upstairs private rooms for your intimate parties and corporate events.   We sat in a booth above the bar area and it was the perfect mixture of bar atmosphere fun with the enjoyment of having a full view of the restaurant.  I admit, we had fun people watching!

Raw Seafood Bar
Raw Seafood Bar

Since the purpose of being there last night was “to taste”, we certainly gave it our best shot.  The cocktail menu is complete with unique compositions.  A mixologist put a lot of creativity into this.  The wine list does not disappoint either.  We started things off with a seafood tower including king crab, lobster, crab claws, oysters, and shrimp.  From there I ordered the filet and my friend ordered the salmon.  Other menu items: superfood salad, chilean sea bass, scallops, meatloaf, chicken, short rib, pork chop, lamb, and every type of cut a steak has to offer!

The ultimate warm vanilla caramel cake!
The ultimate warm vanilla caramel cake!

Definitely save room for dessert.  We tried the vanilla caramel cake and the brioche chocolate chip bread pudding.  Heaven in each bite my friends! The popcorn sundae and the red velvet pudding must have been the crowd favorites that evening because those desserts were sold out!!! Guess we need to come back!

Anna Kaplan, Nicole Brende, Lori Geshay....my girls!
Anna Kaplan, Nicole Brende, Lori Geshay….my girls!

A little history on this restaurant brand, they are the creators of Maestros.   You know, the swanky steakhouse in Beverly Hills and in Scottsdale?  Well, they sold it to Landry’s corp then started fresh with this new Steak 48 concept (non Landry’s).  If you happen to roll through Phoenix, AZ then you may know of their sister restaurant called Steak 44.

For more information on this hot new place to wine and dine friends, family, and your special clients please visit their website at www.Steak48.com .   Make your reservations now and let me know what you think!  We had the best time and can’t wait to return.